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After months of waiting to hear back about our Hope Spot: Hatteras nomination, we are so happy to announce Dr. Sylvia Earle and Mission Blue have voted to establish a hope spot 40 miles off the coast of Cape Hatteras!! Check out the article!


We want to thank you all for your support and guidance throughout this project. As a small group of students, taking on an idea this big to protect the ocean was intimidating, but the support from our communities and those across the east coast along side our love of the ocean kept us fighting for Hatteras. This area in the North Atlantic is a unique place full of amazing organisms. Our oceans depend on the health of places like it, this Hope Spot will allow us to ensure its preservation for future generations. 

We hope to see this become one of the most successful Hope Spots in the oceans. Working with Mission Blue to increase awareness of this special spot in the Atlantic will be critical.


Humans are deeply embedded within coastal and marine ecosystems. We have the power to overexploit these resources as well as the power to choose to protect and manage them. We need YOU to be the change; get involved with the Hope Spot: Hatteras movement today

Hope Spot Hatteras

Put It On The Map


Watch the Hope Spot: Hatteras short film and share with your family and friends!

Watch the story of how a small group of individuals set out to make a change for our oceans! 'Put It On The Map' was recently featured at the Carolina Surf Film Festival in Wilmington, NC.

Join The Movement!


Permanently protect Hope Spot: Hatteras before it's too late.

President Obama has done so much to protect our oceans; he has banned drilling in the Arctic and the Atlantic, designated Marine Protected Areas, and banned seismic testing on the east coast. Before he leaves office, let's make sure Hope Spot: Hatteras is included in the areas he has permanently protected! We cannot let this essential part of our oceans remain vulnerable.

Who Are We?


Click here to learn more about Plastic Ocean Project!



Click here to understand more about the unique characteristics of Cape Hatteras.

What Can We Do?


Join the movement and help us make preserve Hope Spot: Hatteras!

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