Sunrise over Hope Spot: Hatteras

March 7, 2016



"If you saw a child falling out of a 10-story window. And you have the ability to reach out and catch him. You do all you can to position yourself to catch him. You don't take a break and say 'oh while the child is falling I'm going to go over here-' No. You're there. 24-7. You're there with every ounce of what you've got. You want to save that child." - Sylvia Earle




Looking out over the hope spot. Witnessing this beautiful sunrise and just knowing the dangers it's facing and the disaster it would mean to our oceans to lose such a critical area, it's almost overwhelming. But realizing you are one person, a key part, in a part of a movement to save this small piece of the Atlantic, realizing your actions have a direct impact (even the small actions), gives you hope.




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