Harmony Between Nature and Man

March 10, 2016

We started today off by exploring the history of Roanoake Island, an island adjacent to the OBX barrier island system. Roanoke is one of the most historic places in America, home to the 'Lost Colony' and the first English child to be born in the New World! The Lost Colony gets it's name from the English settlers, ruled under Sir Walter Raliegh, who vanished without a trace in the mid 1500s. 


Visiting the National Park Visitors Center and learning the history of Roanoke and the OBX islands, we came to gain a greater appreciation for this unique place. Not only is this area oceanographically, biologically and geography important, but there is a huge historical presence here too! Hatteras was originally founded by (and named after) the Hatteras Indians and the area offshore is important in maritime history as well, for example Okracoke (known as one of the pirate Blackbeard's favorite hangout) and the Hatteras Island Station (which recieved the original SOS from the Titanic!). 













While on Roanoke Island we stopped by to visit our friends at the NC Coastal Federation! Back in January, on our first Hope Spot: Hatteras adventure, we helped the NCCF on a cleanup (removing 700lbs of plastic!). We will be teaming up with them tomorrow to clean up Pea Island Wildlife Reserve. If you are currently in the OBX join us! We will be meeting at 12:30pm at the Pea Island Visitors Center. 


We ended today by exploring Jockey's Ridge State Park in Nags Head. It was BEAUTIFUL! We walked along the sound side trail and picked up trash along the way. We removed over 50lbs of debris in just 40 minutes! After a busy, informational, and very successful day, we watched the sunset from the huge, mountainous dunes of Jockey's Ridge (90 - 100ft high!). 



My only question after spending just three days in the OBX is why WOULDN'T anyone want to preserve this place?

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