Pirate's Paradise

March 12, 2016

After a one and a half hour drive through the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, we arrived at the Cape Hatteras - Ocracoke ferry. This was a new experience for all of us. As we slowly made our way across the inlet between the two islands we were in awe at this beautiful, pristine place. The longer we stay in the OBX, we become even more passionate about it. 




















During the hour long ferry to the island of Ocracoke, you really start to feel the remote-ness of the OBX. The only way on and off Ocracoke Island is few ferries. Once arriving on the island and driving to the very end, you find a small island town without any major chain stores or gas stations. Every thing is within a mile drive of the other. Because the town is so small we decided to rent bikes and experience the island without being cooped up in the car. 


Riding around Ocracoke was enchanting, you couldn't help but fall in love with the pristine beaches and homey atmosphere. There is actually a lot of history in Ocracoke, mostly surrounding the legend of Blackbeard the pirate. Ocracoke is the place Blackbeard was killed and the story is believed to be how the island actually got it's name. On the morning of Blackbeard's demise, his enemy was waiting for him to come ashore to the island and was yelling "O Crow Cock! O Crow Cock!" (Ocracoke) - not sure why he was yelling, but in the end he was successful in killing the pirate. 







The Blackbeard story is not the only attraction here, the island is also home to the cutest lighthouse in the OBX, the Ocracoke Lighthouse Station. Constructed in 1823, the lighthouse has stood for 193 watching over the island's waters. Nicknamed the 'Guardians of the Sea' these 4 OBX lighthouses (3 still in use) guide ships through one of the most dangerous waters in the Western North Atlantic. 

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