On the Road Again

March 18, 2016

Today we leave for Charleston, SC on our third Hope Spot: Hatteras expedition! Our trip comes just after good news. Not only for us, but also our oceans!


First, if you haven't heard... OFFSHORE DRILLING WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE WESTERN ATLANTIC. What a HUGE day for our oceans!! We want to send out a big thanks to everyone working tirelessly on this. Honored to have met those in the OBX leading and to have experienced this movement.

















This area in the Atlantic is still vulnerable. But with this new movement for our oceans WE CAN CHANGE THAT! Help us educate the world on what makes our ocean backyard so important and how we can all do our part in protecting it, support the Hope Spot: Hatteras movement!


We've been in touch with Mission Blue since the Hope Spot: Hatteras proposal was submitted two years go. "It was stagnant until [the students] of UNCW Plastic Ocean Project, breathed life back into it." (Bonnie Monteleone, Executive Director of The Plastic Ocean Project). Since our screening back in November, we have been working tirelessly, building support to take back to Mission Blue to get this hope spot plan moved forward.

We so proud and excited to compile all of the work we have been doing for months (the website, documentary, trip details, petition) to take back to Mission Blue. We wanted them to recognize the importance of designating a Hope Spot off the coast of Hatteras and how much not only we, but communities across the east coast want this as well. They seemed blown away with the time and energy we have been dedicating to the Hope Spot: Hatteras cause. I am so proud to share that the Hope Spot: Hatteras initiative is being taken to the Mission Blue hope spot team AND Dr. Sylvia Earle herself NEXT WEEK!!


Until Mission Blue and Dr. Earle make their decisions we will be pushing this initiative as hard as ever. This weekend we have a full itinerary planned including a presentation at the College of Charleston, a beach cleanup at Folly Beach and Hope Spot: Hatteras activities at the South Carolina Aquarium! If you are reading this from the Charleston area, come out and learn more about Hope Spot: Hatteras!

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