No Matter How Small

March 19, 2016

I was taking an evening stroll along the beach in Kitty Hawk, just collecting trash and a few shells along the way and then I see it. It was just sitting on the beach about to be taken by the waves, so big and colorful, how could anyone have missed it? What was It?

A pizza box.


I was so enraged and couldn’t believe my eyes. Right in front of me was an entire pizza box just left on the beach by ignorant people. What exactly did they think would happen to it? What if I hadn’t of been there to pick it up? Marine animals don’t want your cardboard pizza box floating in their home. Didn’t your mother ever teach you to clean up after yourself?


It’s such a simple concept that most people just don’t get.


"The sad fact of it is that the Ocean could be empty and still look the same. It's a very hard thing to convey what's happening, how it will affect you personally. And so as the Ocean is being emptied, and as the Ocean is dying, the surface looks the same, the waves look the same.” -Carl Safina, Mission Blue




We can do something, we can make a change! I spent the last week doing my part in making a change for our oceans. From picking up that pizza box to disposing of tires that had washed up on shore to filling up the back of the Jeep with trash collected off of the highway in Pea Island, I helped make a difference. No matter how small an action may seem it can make a huge impact on the life of our oceans and marine life.




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