POP goes South

March 25, 2016

The four of us piled in the car excited to be finally going on our Hope Spot: Hatteras expedition to Charleston, SC. Due to a minor medical situation we weren't able to leave last week. As we drove over the iconic Ravenel Bridge our excitement intesified coming into the city, a new experience for a couple of us. It's exciting to be approaching a new community about this movement. Being an southern Atlantic coastal community this Hope Spot will be theirs as much as it will be ours and as much as it's the OBX community's. It will be important for this community to learn what lies just offshore of the Hatteras area because many of the migratory species and residential animals that depend on the Hatteras habitat have been known to venture into Charleston waters. The extensive sargassum beds also stretch down around South Carolina, home to many of North Carolina and South Carolina sea turtles. 




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