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March 27, 2016

Let me first say, if you have never been to the SC aquarium in Charleston, you need to go. It is very similar to our local NC Aquariums in many ways. Not only is this place full of wondrous ocean (and some land) creatures, but the SC aquarium is accredited by the AZA (just like the NC Aquariums), which makes them an advocate on conservation and protection of the oceans and all creatures in, on, and around it. Obviously, this makes us love them even more. What better way to connect with a place when their mission is exactly the same as yours.














One difference the SC Aquarium has that our NC aquariums does not, is the ownership of these establishments. The SC Aquarium gives us more leeway to give presentations and spread our message, because they are not state owned. We had reached out to the delightful people at the SC Aquarium, but due to scheduling conflicts we could not give our presentation this time, but we will most definitely be back.


After the aquarium, we ventured to the next block over to the Fort Sumter National Monument, where could have spent hours reading all of the history inside. We made our way to the back patio where we were greeted by two dolphins splashing in the wake of a boat, a sign that there is still good in our waters.


We spent the rest of our day walking along White Point Park and the streets all along the waterway. We got our coffee, sauntered into some stores, and had friendly conversations with some locals who asked us about our Hope Spot t-shirts!


Overall this rainy day turned into more than we had hoped for and with that we are extremely grateful, but don’t think we won’t be back





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