Under the Bridge

March 29, 2016

We left Charleston on Easter morning much like we found it, gloomy and rainy. Being from a coastal town we are all too familiar with the variability and unpredictable weather. Storms come in seemingly out of no where, eventually disapaiting leaving calm sunny skies and humidity in their wake. 


We stopped off at a small visitors center located under the Ravenel Bridge. This hidden spot allows visitors a unique veiw of the bridge (directly underneath it) and the harbor. Looking out over the marshes and cold rainy Charleston harbor, we reminised on the success of the weekend. 


We will definitely be back to further gain support for Hope Spot: Hatteras here. This city was so accepting of the idea and excited to have a hope spot, learn about this area offshore (similiar to their own coast), and share what they learn with others in hopes of inspiring a movement for the preservation of our oceans for future generations.





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