495 Miles, 4 Days, & 7 Girls Later...

January 23, 2016

None of us knew what we were about to experience. Without ever having been to the Outer Banks, seven members of the Plastic Ocean Project piled into our vehicles and began a journey that will resonate with us for a lifetime.


My mother used to tell me that "indescribable" wasn't a word-that everything can be described, that's the beauty of words... and I think that she's very right. When you come across such a raw, organic area as the Outer Banks, the first words that come into your mind ARE "indescribable" because you're so instantly captivated by its ability to touch your heart. But why would we leave the readers left with such a vague picture? That's not what the Outer Banks needs. It needs its readers to truly understand its beauty so that it will remain that way for years to come. 


First and foremost, I encourage you if you have not already visited the Outer Banks, to do so! Whether it be for a weekend, a vacation, or even just a drive through while on your way up or down the East Coast, it's narrow, long roads keep you busy as you look out your windows either to be surprised as to how close you are to the ocean, or just how beautiful the untouched salt marshes are. 


As you follow our blog, we will take you into our journey of the Outer Banks, and hopefully you will derive some adjectives of your own...Here are just a FEW of our personal favorites...



"Peaceful, important, timeless, delicate, diverse, captivating, austere..."



So check back tomorrow with us as we begin our adventure into the Outer Banks where you yourself will understand just how "indescribable" these barrier islands are, and how crucial it is to protect this area, not only on land, but in its surrounding sea.






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