On The Road Again

January 25, 2016

It seemed as if we had just begun to explore Nag's Head before it was time to hit the road again. Cold and rainy it was as we grabbed some breakfast at Gritts Grill (No Gritts, No Glory). We then began our scenic route along Hwy 12, our next destination being Hatteras Island. This venture along the coast is what draws the seasonal visitors back I am SURE! With the open ocean on the left, and the Pamlico Sound on the right, ones eyes are left wide open at the raw beauty they are seeing. A thin layer of hazy fog laid upon the water, creating an eerie but alluring sense as we crossed over bridge after bridge. 


A stop at the remains of the Rodanthe Pier was a must. The storm coming through kept the waves crashing against the wooden piles, slowly but surely pushing them out of their buried spots in the sand. There seemed to be a lot of history in the Outer Banks, which is what gives its timely feel, drawing you in and in and in...


After getting soaked in the rain while exploring underneath the pier, we made it back into our cars and continued our journey. It wasn't long before we turned onto Lighthouse Road to see the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in the near distance. We admired her beauty (and her gift shop), then headed to our inn to re-energize before we braced the chilly weather for a beach sweep along the national seashore. Luckily, one of our members has a friend whom resides in Cape Hatteras, and he warmly welcomed us into his car so that we could successfully travel along the shore, stopping various times to sweep the area. We then came to the very tip of Cape Hatteras called "The Point," as Katy would describe it as where "beautiful chaos" was occurring. This point of the island is where the Labrador Current brings cold water to meet warm water brought by the Gulf Stream. This sole oceanographic process is one of the main reasons as to why Cape Hatteras needs to become a Hope Spot. This mixing makes this area an unusually dynamic area for foraging, bringing many different species right off of our coast!! With such biodiversity, we cannot allow ideas such as offshore drilling and seismic testing occur because there are so many creatures that will be signicantly affected! 


It was captivating to see this all occur, and to know that this is what we're fighting for. It definitely is reassuring. We continued our beach sweep, finding fishing lines, plastics, balloons, and the list sadly continues on...


Our bodies were numb when we found our way back to our motel in order to tidy up before we devoured some yummy mexican food. Our night then consisted of Cards Against Humanity, many laughs, and much ART! 






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